2013 Regional Meetings

2013 Greater Minnesota Regional Meetings

Representatives from the League and colleagues from the surrounding areas of the state joined together to learn about new ideas and helpful resources for Minnesota cities. From health care reform to combating incivility in your city to making the most of your League membership—discussions at these meetings covered important current issues for city officials. Below are presentations and handouts from these fall 2013 meetings.

Legislative Update
The outcomes of the 2013 legislative session included many successes and also some challenges. What were some positives for cities form the session? What legislation didn’t pass this year, but will be back next year? How can you get involved in issues important to your city and provide feedback on the League’s 2014 legislative platform? League intergovernmental relations staff were on-hand with these answers and more.

Health Care Reform: The Top Five Things You Still Need To Know!
If you think the one-year delay in the employer mandate means you can put this off for a while, think again! The individual mandate still begins Jan. 1, 2014, while Minnesota’s online Health Care Exchange, MNsure, should be up and running for small employers and individuals as of Oct. 1, 2013. Opportunities, challenges, and obligations await your city and its employees, and–yes–even you and your family! Staff from Gallagher Benefits joined this fall’s regional meetings via Skype to review the status of this complex law and provide updates on what you should be doing now.

LMC Services: The League Would Really Do That For Me?
During the Ignite session at this year’s annual conference, delegates were amazed to learn about the number of League services they had never heard of. So, we took a small part of it on the road for Regional Meetings! Attendees heard about the new Community Conversations service, loss control support, and how to navigate and make the most of the LMC website.

Conflict of Interest: Stump the Attorney
You’re a city councilmember–can your spouse still sell tires to the city? You’re a city staff member–can you buy that used computer the city is getting rid of? Conflicts of interest can be vague and confusing, but everyone’s got them. And they can be kind of fun to speculate about! Attendees had the chance to bring their serious questions, along with their wackiest examples, to see if they could get answers and also maybe stump an LMC attorney!