City Action Examples

Looking for examples of things other cities have done? You can search the League's lookup tools for collaboration and budget-balancing examples.

Collaboration Lookup
Cities have been collaborating and undertaking cooperative initiatives for a long time, but interest in these efforts has intensified in recent years. While each city’s circumstances are unique, it can certainly be helpful to gain inspiration from other cities. The League’s City Collaboration Lookup allows users to search for examples of collaborations by city name, service category (e.g., police, parks, housing, sanitation), or both.

City Budget-Balancing Lookup
Ever wonder exactly what cities have done to help balance their budgets? Use the League's City Budget-Balancing Lookup to find examples from cities across the state. The Lookup contains over 3,000 examples gathered from media stories and League surveys, listservs, and events. Users may search by city name, type of action, or both.

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