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Ideas in Action

Ideas In Action: Princeton Creates a Buzz Downtown

The “It Starts Here” competition set out to rejuvenate downtown Princeton.

Ideas in Action: Clara City Gets Energy Boost from Natural Gas

Clara City has successfully developed a regional natural gas utility to provide both cost savings and development opportunities.

Ideas in Action: Heart Safe in Woodbury

More than 8,000 Woodbury residents have been trained in hands-only CPR. The program was the winner of a League of Minnesota Cities 2013 City of Excellence Award.

Ideas in Action: Chatfield Center for the Arts Brings New Life to Community

The Chatfield Center for the Arts project was the winner of the League of Minnesota Cities’ 2013 City of Excellence Award in the topical category “Promoting Economic Development.”

Ideas in Action: Greenfield Volunteer Groups Help Build Community Pride

Citizens and city officials work together to build community and improve the quality of life in their city.

Ideas in Action: Vandalism Prevention? For Plymouth, It’s All Fun and Games!

They City of Plymouth teaches elementary students about vandalism prevention with the game Parks & Wrec.