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The League offers more learning opportunities than any other city organization. We help you grow your skills and leadership capacity, while exploring emerging issues, promising approaches, and new perspectives.

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2014 Fireground Safety—10 Frequent Mistakes, 10 Best Practices with Dr. Richard Gasaway

How can different roles contribute to improved fireground safety? At this workshop Dr. Richard Gasaway will take us through common mistakes and best practices based on evaluations of near-miss reports and line-of-duty casualty investigation, and show us how to improve fireground safety.
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Police Leadership in the New Normal—Part II—with Randy Means

While supervisory style can vary, there are certain key principles and managerial responsibilities cannot. Join us at this intensive two-day workshop to learn how to create an organizational structure that includes consistent polices for the all the members of the leadership team.
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Recorded Webinar: How to Inspect Traffic Signs to Meet Retroreflectivity Requirements

Does your city have a program in place to train sign inspectors to evaluate sign retroreflectivity? What is needed to effectively assess sign retroreflectivity? Join us to learn more about the new retroreflectivity minimums and what your city can do to maintain traffic signs at or above specific levels.
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LMC Webinars

The League frequently offers webinars on timely issues affecting cities. Recent webinars have been presented on:
—Tips for Meeting Management—Managing Expectations and Meeting Your Goals
—State budget forecast & 2014 legislative session
—The Gen Y talent factor
—Individual vs. council authority
—Managing risk in contracts
—Common mistakes in land use ordinances

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City Learning Point—professional online training for Minnesota cities

This online training program provides city officials and staff with professional development opportunities created specifically
for them. Sign up now for the new Respectful Workplace course, and check out the Human Resources Basics for Managers Series and the first course in the Land Use Series.
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